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3 Months, 1500 Users, & 3 Pregnancies Later

It’s the most exciting time of my life, and I keep pinching myself that this is happening! Not only that we actually made Tempdrop (unbelievable by itself) but that it is working for real and integrated into a great fertility app (OvuView). Even more astounding, it was all made possible without big venture capital money. Instead, I am finding strategic partners that help the company grow. Without their dedication to Tempdrop, paying for and arranging much of the production, none of this would have ever happened. It is all thanks to Amos, Guy, and the rest of the team at H.A. Comp, our manufacturer. With offices and manufacturing contractors in both Israel and China, they were the most important piece of the puzzle, and allowed us to ship Tempdrop to you.

I expected issues and flaws with the first batch. We’re still a very small startup, doing everything for the first time. Forget about production; try sending out Tempdrops all over the world! Then, we had to get to work solving problems that couldn’t have been avoided. Still, the braking frames was the most painful. Every time I see a picture of a broken frame, it literally hurts me. Eventually I expect it to be 100-200 frames; so far, we’ve had about 30-40.

  • Geeky engineering detail: they are the first injected frames, when the mold wasn’t hot enough and the plastic didn’t flow well.
The fact that the sensor isn’t secure enough and pops out was a known problem, but it was too minor to keep you holding a few more months. A few days ago, I received the new batch of frames. They are not easy to break, but securing the sensor is still a work in progress. We will fix that.

Knowing the first batch wouldn’t be perfect, we put most of our efforts into support. We paid for international shipping for the many users that did not pay it (early adopters). We tried to make sure we knew your updated address, so you would get your Tempdrop. Still, we had too many returned Tempdrops, mostly because you did not know Tempdrop was waiting for you at the nearest post office (aahhhhhh!!!). Then it’s returned to us, we pay a customs fee, and send it back to you, paying for shipment a second time in many cases. The same goes for the broken frames. This is how bad we want you to enjoy your Tempdrop!

And then there’s the hidden gem of this journey, the Tempdrop group, or should I say – community.

It was Natalie’s idea, and it blossomed so quickly that it really feels like a family of users, advising and supporting each other in ways that are beautiful to see, like when one user donated her extra Tempdrop to somebody who had lost hers in the Harvey storm.

The group is also providing us with valuable feedback, and we listen carefully because we are 100% customer-focused. For some of you, the armband was too small. So I asked, and you replied. And larger armbands, 15cm/6in bigger, are here, and will be made available shortly.  

And we have the first samples of a simpler design that some users had proposed. I will be sending them to a few group members for testing. 

Another fruitful discussion resulted in a new option to wear Tempdrop tucked into a sports bra, and it is already updated in the user manual. 

I truly believe this newborn community is the second piece of the puzzle to making Tempdrop a great product for all women.

And here comes the last part – software.

Unfortunately, most of you have experienced Tempdrop’s software bugs. I will not overwhelm you with what we went through with service providers, but I always felt like we were walking on thin ice, and it needed to change!

I am happy to say that this most essential piece is now forming. I’ve known the founding couple of this company, Zemingo, on a personal level for a few years. But, only now, the stars have aligned for both of our companies to collaborate. Zemingo is huge. They are actually a group of companies doing design, development, and marketing for the Apps of Things (AoT) space. Tempdrop is “a thing” in that sense. The whole software side of Tempdrop - our app, the integrations to fertility apps, the back-end server, and your online Tempdrop dashboard - will all be developed with finesse and care by the Zemingo group. Can you believe it? I can’t. Still, it is happening and, seriously, we couldn’t do better than this. 😊

The timing for all of these developments feels propitious. It is the Jewish holiday season and last week we celebrated the Jewish New Year, “Rosh Hashana,” meaning the beginning of the year. And with it are the winds of new beginnings. I think this is going to be Tempdrop’s breakthrough year.

I see the beautiful charts you share in the group, and I read your comments about how Tempdrop caught the temperature shift a day sooner or that moms who wake up throughout the night can still chart. I know we have flaws and bugs, but we do try our best to provide the best support we can until we’ll get through this rocky start. We will replace malfunctioned sensors and broken armbands, and we will not give up on software bugs (at least until the Zemingo team takes over).

All I ask is that you keep your faith in us and continue to support us like you have – accepting the annoying bugs and providing us with valuable feedback about how to make Tempdrop a perfect product for all women.