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Beta Study Results, the Tempdrop App, & Tempdrop's Unrivaled Accuracy

Dear Tempdrop family,

I try to lead my life and hence my company in a fair and just manner. The fact that you pay in advance for a device that a small startup from Israel (which is very remote for most of you) is working on, makes us feel very thankful. We’ve also stated from the beginning that anyone who pre-ordered via our website is entitled to a no-questions-asked cancellation and full refund at any time, despite the fact that we have to absorb the ~$5 transaction fee. We’re proud to say that very few people have decided to cancel their order, so once again thank you to everyone for sticking with us.

Our desire to be fair and trustworthy is reflected in our refund policy, and also in the way we handle your personal data. Besides being the most advanced, sophisticated, amazing device ever ;-)… Tempdrop gives you the ability to deal with your data as you wish. We believe that it’s your data, so you should choose what to do with it. This is why we give you the option of which app to use (if at all) and full access to your raw data (not just BBT) for your own personal use – it simply seems fair.

It also seems fair to us that those who supported us when our challenges were yet to be overcome are appropriately rewarded. This is why Tempdrop is currently available at a special pre-order price, and why it was even cheaper during the Indiegogo campaign. Though we are not yet ready to announce what the final launch price will be, we can say that it will be within the range of similar devices (but not the absurdly expensive ones, as we believe that tracking your fertility shouldn’t cost as much as a pair of fine leather boots). We do, however, have a pricing-related announcement…

In 14 days, Tempdrop will go from $69.99 to $84.99 and shipping will become free to anywhere in the world. Effectively, Tempdrop will only cost $5 more than it does today. Our goal is to gradually increase the price as we move toward Tempdrop’s launch, rather than do it in one single jump. This way, the price will continue to fairly reflect our progress and decreasing time-to-launch.

Enough of that, time to share some details about our beta study!

The purpose of the beta study is to evaluate Tempdrop as a working system, as opposed to simply a product or technology. There are three central components we are looking at.

The Tempdrop App

After taking off the sensor, pressing its button syncs the collected data to the Tempdrop App that sends it to the cloud. Algorithms analyze the collected data (motion and accurate skin temperature measurements during sleep) and the result is sent back to the app.

Early Tempdrop App

The app will enable you to view your BBT history, the battery status of the device, permissions (which fertility apps you approve), etc. So if you favor pen and paper you will still benefit from Tempdrop’s greatness – accurate sleeping temperature and motion tracking, true BBT every day without waking up, and secure online access to your data.

Online Data Access

The idea of letting you use your preferred fertility tracking app (or stick to pen & paper), goes hand in hand with providing secure access to your data. The webserver really isn't done yet, so I’ll just share a glimpse of it with you. A decent webserver with proper GUI and plot display is in the works.

Accuracy Beyond Everything You Know

The graphs below demonstrate the accuracy and stability of Tempdrop. A Tempdrop sensor and a lab grade temperature sensor were placed on the heating plate of our 3D printer to follow its temperature. The recorded temperatures from our sensor were transmitted over Bluetooth to a smartphone and then downloaded to a PC. The thermocouple data was retrieved using a data logger (by onsetcomp.com).

Tempdrop Accuracy


What's Next?

Right now we're working on a new section for this website that explains the science behind Tempdrop (coming in the next few days), a website for accessing your data online, BBT integration with app developers, setting up our production line, and much more...

Did we mention that the price will go up as we progress and reach major milestones? As stated above, the price will jump to $84.99 (free shipping) in 14 days!

Until next time: quit charting, live on and be fair :)


Michael and the Tempdrop Team


Important note: Director Abby Epstein and executive producer Ricki Lake, have teamed up with “Sweetening the Pill – How We Got Hooked on Hormonal Birth Control” writer Holly Grigg-Spall for a documentary that raises questions about the safety and long-term effects of hormonal birth control. In a few weeks (last week of May) they will launch a crowdfunding campaign to support the making of this important film. The first 24-48 hours of a crowdfunding campaign are key to its success, so please spread the word and mark your calendars to give them the boost for making this important film (we will post the exact date, on our Facebook).