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Hardware Issues, Sensor Designs, & New Advisory Board Members

Hello Tempdrop Family,

It's that time of the month again and this time we're updating you on our development, which includes some good and bad news. We'd also like to get your feedback regarding the armband design, and introduce you to two important additions to the Tempdrop Team. As always, please remember to "like" us on Facebook for all the latest updates, discussions and interesting articles.

Yin & Yang

The "Yin" News

During the preparations for our beta study, we discovered some minor hardware issues and decided to solve them first, so the bad news is that we won’t be able to ship Tempdrop in the spring :-( 

We are constantly moving forward and making great progress (don’t skip the good stuff below). However, in light of the aforementioned delay and in order to avoid further disappointment, we prefer not to give a definitive shipping date. We do promise to keep you posted and update you periodically on our progress.

The "Yang" News

We have solved all of the critical technical issues. There are a few minor issues that we are still working on but they are not delaying our progress. The accuracy and stability of the readings are amazing and we will share some graphs to demonstrate this in our next newsletter update.

The Armband: help us pick the design!

After testing the comfort, functionality and appearance of several armband designs, we’ve selected a design we’re very proud of. Tempdrop is not a fitness gadget, nor a thermometer. It is developed and designed to be your own sleep and fertility companion.  The band (strap) is made of fabrics found in lingerie and intimate nightwear. The sensor will snap into a beautiful socket that opens up a whole new world of design and personalization. Maybe YOU could even design your own and 3D print it like we did for our testers :-)

Because they are all our children, we’re having a hard time choosing which will stay on our lab desks and which will eventually travel across the world to you. So if you’d like to participate in the design process, please click here to tell us which design and color you prefer (or click on the image below).

New and Exciting Additions to our Team

Talithia Williams, Chief Scientist

You may have heard on TED about the insights she gained on her own fertility from tracking her BBT every day for over 6 years. But with a PhD in Statistics, Dr. Williams is first and foremost a Mathematician, making sense of numbers and what they can tell us about our body and health. In addition to her academic accomplishments, Dr. Williams and her husband, Donald, actively teach Natural Family Planning methods (NFP).

Her amazing talk, featured on TED in August 2014, will make you even more excited about Tempdrop - guaranteed! Three months later I was on a business trip to Irvine California and called her up as I was “in the neighborhood” (Yes, I know – Chutzpa :-)). So you can imagine how excited and honored I am to introduce her as our new Chief Scientist.

Dr. Joseph Hasson, Chief Medical Advisor

Dr. Hasson is a MD Gynecology, Obstetrics & Infertility specialist. Previously, he was an attending physician at the IVF & Infertility Center, Tel Aviv Medical Center, Israel. Nowadays, Dr. Hasson is a Clinical & Research fellow at the Division of Reproductive Endocrinology & Infertility at McGill’s University Reproductive Center in Canada.

One Day at a Time

At Tempdrop, we take no salaries and direct all funds toward making the device and system the best we can, and with limited resources the development cycle has slowed down. Your support is the fuel that propels our progress (not our bank accounts) so even if you think we’re too late for you personally, please consider keeping your order and passing your Tempdrop to a friend who could benefit from it. We know that many of you plan to use Tempdrop on an ongoing basis anyway.

Important note: Tempdrop’s price will be significantly higher when it launches, so if you’re at all interested in securing your Tempdrop as early as possible it would make sense to order while the pre-order pricing is still available.

Pre-order now for only $69.99

If you've already placed an order, there’s no risk to keeping it open for now, since you’re free to cancel at any time by contacting us directly.

Quit charting, live on!

Michael Vardi & The Tempdrop Team